Pepper is a 3 yr. old, 58 lb. boy who has so much love and happiness to share with his new family!  Life started out a little tough for this visually impaired boy.  He lived in a crate for his first years of his life but now his life has drastically turned for the better.  He was rescued in Tennessee and boy is he happy to show how wonderful his new, free life is!  Prior to coming to CLR, Pepper had been living in foster learning what love was and how amazing running around in an open yard and being a dog really can be.  He was introduced to treats and will do about anything for those delicious commodities!  As the pictures and videos below display, this handsome boy has quite the personality and is not timid at all.  He continues to live in foster since arrive at CLR.   He has so much to offer to a person or family who is willing to take the time to talk to him due to his vision issue, teaching him how to live life and showing him that he is truly loved!



“Hey all you cool cats and kittens!”-Pepper

Pepper is sniffing around for his forever home. He’s doing fantastic with getting in and out of the house; he’s now mastered going out the garage door with the boys. He loves to be a part of their adventures in the backyard or around the house. He’s had zero accidents in the house, alerts when he needs to go out, doesn’t counter/table surf, and doesn’t get on furniture. He is happy to play for hours; hide n’ seek, his pull rope, chew toys; or to curl up and take a nap. He sleeps all night (9pm-6:30/7am) with his sound machine on, and even needs to be woken up. My 2-year-old loves to go and say “good morning, Pepper! Wake up, come outside!” Pepper gives a lazy stretch and then happily complies with the little humans demands.

He really is the best boy, highly treat motivated, quick learner, looking for so much love, and has the best manners. He’s non-reactive to our cat or neighbor’s dogs, he’s just Pepper, livin’ life.

Pepper is the best boy! He loves attention and tons of affection! He had a checkup at the vet this week and they said he is 2 years old, 58 pounds now, and definitely blind. His eyes are not a concern though, because they are moist and do not seem to bother him or how he gets around. His hair is growing in nicely and he is having the best time learning to be an inside doggo!

Pepper is crate trained and loves to have access to his crate during the day. He is potty trained and will let you know if he needs to go out by going to the door. He sleeps all night in his crate but he does need a baby sound machine with white noise to help him settle. He will bark when he feels nervous or like he is alone but if you talk to him and he settles right down.

Pepper does need help navigating any steps since he is blind but he does great getting around. He definitely loves his treats and being told he’s a good boy. He recently has started loving playing hide and seek. If you stand in the yard and wait for him to find you, he absolutely loves it and starts hopping around. He has also started rolling in the grass and showing his silly side.

Pepper is not skittish, which is great! He has done wonderful with my kids and really likes being around them. He did growl at the vet when we had to hold him still so we could do a heartworm test on him, he did not like that and let us know. More love and treats helped get the sample we needed and off we went.

Pepper would do best in a single-story home or a home with fewer steps to navigate. Having another dog in the home as his “eyes” would also be a plus but not mandatory as he learns super-fast! Older children or children who can respect his space while he adjusts to a new environment is also helpful.

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