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4/20/22  Day 1 of Rocky being back in foster – he is doing great!  He is such a sweet, gentle, affectionate guy!  It took zero time for him to transition back in with the pack.  He loves his foster siblings.  He was quick to steal their toys and beds and make himself at home.  He does have some hesitation about going into the crate so I am going to take it slow. I did let him sleep uncrated last night with the rest of the pack.  Zero issues!  He seems to be completely housetrained.

He isn’t very food motivated but we are continuing to work on his commands.  He knows sit and will do so begrudgingly.  Haha!  He can be a little stubborn – but he is so so sweet! We went for a walk today.  He walks well on a leash but does get a little scared from time to time when he hears loud noises.  He will put on the dog brakes and hesitates a bit. He will continue forward with some encouragement. These are all new experiences for him so it will take some time to build his confidence.

Rocky is SUCH a great dog!!  I love having him with my pack!