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5/26/22 FOSTER UPDATE: We have loved having Roe in our home. He has been such a sweet boy and so well behaved inside. Loves getting his cuddles in and will help himself to climbing in your lap or on the furniture to be with you so we are working on only getting on the furniture if invited up. He does know “off” which helps as he responds to that. He’s also been wonderful with our 12 week old daughter! Will lay next to her if she’s on the floor playing which is sweet to see.  He’s a playful pup and carries his toys around with him always ready to engage in a game of fetch or tug of war. He has a basic understanding of sit, down, come, and heel which we expect will continue to improve over time! He’s very food motivated which helps with his training! Roe has a bit of work to continue with leash training. We have seen immediate progress though upon readjusting his collar.

5/7/22 VOLUNTEER UPDATE: Everyone enjoyed Roe’s company so much today.  He spent a lot of time getting volunteer snuggles and enjoyed playing with toys. He has really come out of his shell and his wonderful personality is really starting to shine.  Once he feels comfortable, there is no barking, just play time and he just chills chewing his bone. He’ll swim by for an occasional hug and then returns to his bone.  By the end of our time with Roe, we were all complimented him on being such a good boy.