Looking for a kid and dog friendly family dog……..RUGER is the boy for you!!  Ruger is a 2 year old (DOB is 8/10/21), 83 lb. lab who is being surrendered by his owner because owner’s job has changed causing Ruger to spend too many hours crated.  Owners want a better life for him so they are fostering him until he can be adopted.  He loves kids and has lived his life with another dog, as you can see by his pictures (Ruger has orange collar).  Ruger has never been around cats.  He loves being outside, playing fetch (can get a little mouthy but is gentle), going for car rides and walks.  He has spent time traveling on trips with his prior family.  He still needs some leash training as he will occasionally pull when he gets excited.  He knows some basic commands (sit, down, bed) even when given from a small child (see video below).  He is house and crate trained.  He loves to cuddle and sit on your lap, if allowed.  As the videos and pictures display, Ruger is precious, heartwarming, very good boy that would be a great addition to any type of family.


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