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9/16/20 FOSTER UPDATE: Sammy’s awesome foster started him on Omega 3/Fish Oil…his fur is growing back beautifully! He looks like a new man.

9/11/20 FOSTER UPDATE: Sammy is absolutely thriving in our home.  He is such an affectionate boy!  He absolutely loves to cuddle and will smother you with kisses.  He has such a gentle temperament and is a very happy and goofy dog!

Sammy loves other dogs and he became fast friends with his foster siblings.  They love to play!  The will spend hours running and chasing each other.  Sammy also loves his bones and toys (I keep finding them scattered throughout the house).

As for training, Sammy responds well to corrections.  He is very trainable!  We are working on come & sit.  He has also done great with his house training.  I am also starting to expose him to his crate – and he is learning fast!  He will give you a few barks but settles right in.  As for leash walking, he does not pull, but he does tend to weave and drift, so we are working on his “heel.”  I have no doubt that he will pick it up quickly!

Sammy is a happy, healthy boy!  He has made SO much progress with his skin condition and his fur is starting to return.  He is so handsome!  This boy is quite the catch!!

9/1/20 FOSTER UPDATE (DAY 1): So far so good. No accidents yet – yay!  He’s a big, uncoordinated goof who loves to give kisses…, Gracie Lou included! He has playful young dog energy but not too crazy and he settles nicely.  Slept quietly through the night. He’s also fine with my cat. Sammy is as cute as can be!

8/31/20 UPDATE: Sammy is as sweet as they come!  He loved to cuddle with the volunteers – he has the best temperament!  He was really happy and playful with the other dogs.  He is still learning some leash manners (he likes to weave), but he responded well to corrections.