This is Simon!  He is a 5-7 year-old purebred Silver Lab who was surrendered by a breeder.  Simon is now looking for a family to call his own!

Simon is poised to be your best friend forever!  Simon is a big, happy, friendly boy.  He has a great temperament and is fast friends with all he meets (both two-legged and four).

Simon is also very playful!  In his spare time, he loves to walk, swim, and enjoy the great outdoors.   Speaking of water, this boy loves it!  His special talent lies in retrieving rocks from the bottom of the pond.  He is truly one of a kind and is always ready for the next big adventure!

Simon is on the lookout for a forever home with a family that values love, laughter, and the joy of a wet nose. If there’s a space in your heart for labby sweetness, Simon is your man!

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