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3/28/22 FOSTER UPDATE: Miss Sissy is just an absolutely wonderful little girl.  I can’t say enough good things about her!  For all of the trauma she has faced in her early life, it hasn’t dampened her spirits in the least.  Miss Sissy has so much love to give.  Her absolute favorite spot is curled up next to you on the couch and she’s always open to some head and belly rubs if you’re so inclined (she knows you can’t refuse.

She gets along fine with my dog and while it took a moment to figure out the cat, she’s fine with him too.  She only had one accident and that was on the first day.  She sleeps quietly through the night without a peep.  Today, I left her uncrated while I was at work.  When I came home at lunch and again in the evening – no issues so I don’t think she needs to be crated.  She gets around fine on essentially three legs, and we are even able to go on short walks.
Miss Sissy still has a few medical issues to work through, but there’s no doubt that she has more than enough spirit to get through all of it.

3/23/22 MEDICAL UPDATE:  We are heading to MedVet tomorrow to consult with the rehab department.  Sissy’s x-rays indicated buckshot in her foot (yes, devastating news) and her foot has atrophied.  So, we want to see if rehab can restore some usage.  She still does fine getting around and does not experience any pain, but we want to investigate any possibility of helping her and may consider a brace (tbd).  We have so many waiting in the wings to learn more about her, so please stay tuned and we will have more information very soon.

3/15/22 VOLUNTEER UPDATE:  What…..a…..sweetheart!!  She is so gentle and affectionate!  We just got outside for a few minutes for pictures….she just wanted to crawl in my lap and cuddle.  She is so very sweet, and I was able to get some wonderful snuggles.