Two year old Skooter is a 70 pound, adorable chocolate lab/hound mix who still needs to gain weight. He was found as a stray and was the longest resident at the shelter.  Due to the amount of time in the shelter, he eventually started to shut down and lose weight…..this is when CLR stepped in to rescue this priceless treasure!  This strong boy has been thriving ever since he came to CLR due to training and continuous loving care.  This boy is full of cuddles, floppy ears and slobbery, sloppy kisses.  As they say, pictures speak a thousand words.  Checkout Skooter’s adorable pictures below and come meet this handsome, fun loving boy!


11/20/22 Foster Update: Skooter is SUCH a great dog!  He is an A+ cuddler and is such an affectionate boy. This big guy is a total sweetheart!  He just loves to be with his people, and he does great with other dogs too!  He is so playful!  He loves to bounce around the yard and play outside.  He also loooooooooves bones and toys!  He is such a happy dude! As for training, he has made so much progress ---- he is SO smart!   He has done some professional training so he knows most of his basic commands.  He also seems to be completely house trained. He has not had any accidents and will go to the door when he needs to go outside. He is very comfortable in his crate as well.  I have left him on a few separate occasions, and he will just chill with his bone or nap comfortably.  Overall, he does great in the house, but we are continuing to work on a few training needs.  First, he has a professional-grade sniffer so he has done some counter surfing (he is VERY food motivated!).  He also can get very excited and can jump on people from time to time.  He does really well with corrections though...This boy is eager to learn! Overall, Skooter is such an amazing dog and is ready for his forever family!    
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