Smiling Sam is a cute, happy, 10 month old, 43 lb. pup.  He loves people and playing with other dogs.  Sam is good on the leash but does like to jump up on you periodically but is easily corrected.  He is very smart.  Sam was an owner surrender in Tennessee.  This boy’s smile is so precious and will win you over the moment you meet him!



I’ve had Sam for just about a week and he is really starting to settle into his place in the pack.

He is still loves the stuffed bones; he also enjoys the Nyla-bones and similar toys. He is becoming more treat motivated; I guess he thought I was trying to poison him before. Speaking of “poison” he is of the opinion that medication meets that definition; he will eat the entire pill pocket and spit his pill back out, completely untouched. Quite the trickster!

He is crate trained and goes into the crate with the command “home.” He does still shares his dissatisfaction, but settles fairly quickly.

This afternoon he has started letting me know he needs to out by pawing at the back door. I’m going to see if I can get him to start using the “tinkle bells” I have on both my doors.

He’s still has the enthusiasm of a puppy, with the added benefit of that much of the “hard” work has already been done.

He is a really great dog!


I picked up Sam Saturday afternoon and he is settling in. I can see why he is a favorite with the other day care dogs.

He is a big fan of the stuffed bones. It wasn’t long before he found the dog box, those stuffed bones are his favorite.

Sam is such a quick learner and has done very well with housetraining.  He has not had any accidents since the first day he arrived.  He got about 6.5 hours in last night before he woke me up needing to go out.  He is doing well going into the crate.

He does know sit and  takes treats gently. He has not displayed any food aggression; he’s a slow eater and was not responsive when my two lurked around while he finished eating. In fact I had to make him finish eating in his crate because he kept wandering away form his food bowl. He does need to gain some weight.

He gets along great with my two dogs and is always ready to play. He showed some interested in my cats when he first saw them, but he has not been aggressive. I talked to a couple of the EAH workers yesterday and they stated he has been great with the smaller dogs there.

He is an athletic dog; he jumped the gate that I had to sequester him in my living room with me. He is definitely a smart and inquisitive guy…with the potential to be a counter surfer. He knows the word “NO.”

He is great on the leash! Absolutely no pulling what so ever.

He is super sweet and just wants to spend time with his people and his pack.


Smiling Sam is a favorite at daycare with the workers and other dogs.  The workers love him as he is super affectionate and just wants to share love with everyone he meets as seen in the video below.

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