Stanley is a lovable, darling 7 month old, 32 lb. (underweight) boy.  He has just the right of spunk to make you laugh and love on him.  Stanly absolutely loves dogs and does not hesitate to lick them in their faces and play.  He is good on the leash and will sit on command.  Stanly loves food and treats and will do about anything for either.  Stanley lives to be happy each day and has not met a human and a dog he does not trust.  This enjoyable little guy will add so much laughter and happiness to his new forever family!



Get ready to meet the sweetest pup to ever make their way to CLR!

Stanly really is the most lovable and happiest boy we’ve ever fostered! He is young, and still growing into his lanky build, which honestly makes Stanly so adorable. It’s a hoot watching him run and play in his goofy way, and he sure does plenty of that.

Stanly is currently working through some flat footedness in his front legs. He visited with the doctor, and she assured us that Stanly is not in pain and his condition will clear up completely with proper nutrition. While this gives Stanly some of his goofy charm, it’s good to know that this will not impact him long term. And we’ve already seen some improvement in a couple of weeks!

Stanly loves loves loves to play and could romp around with his bestie, foster brother Wiggles, all day. They both play so well together and even though Stanly is bigger, he’s happy to give Wiggles a chance to win every once in a while. I think that having a forever sibling would make Stanly a very happy boy!

Stanly also loves people. I’m certain that he has never met a stranger, and he can’t get close enough to his person. He is an A+ snuggle bug! Sometimes, being next to foster mom just isn’t enough, and Stanly will crawl behind me to lay his head over my shoulder. He’s just the sweetest boy.

Stanly is doing very well with crate training and potty training. He has had a few accidents, but will do great with a well-timed potty schedule. He’s come a long way on his short time here.

Stanly is simply the best of everything when it comes to what we love about labs. He’s goofy, happy and smart with a heart of absolute gold.

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