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6/25/19: Star continues to do well. When I gave her a bath, at first, she was hesitant of the water, but quickly realized it was okay and she calmly stood and allowed me to bath her without any problems! We’ve been working on her fear of the TV sounds, but she is improving. We’ve also started working on some basic commands and she is close to mastering sit. On a few occasions,  she tried to chew on something other than her toys, but I quickly correct her and give her a chew toy to help her associate that behavior with her toys. She loves to play with her foster brother and it’s wonderful to see her progress and enjoy family life.

6/20/19 FOSTER UPDATE: Hi! Everyone’s doing well. Star is becoming more comfortable in the also. She loves being outside and running around with Max. She has already learned that I have a bell on my door that Max uses when he goes outside, which is very impressive. Star is gaining more confidence, and I’m seeing glimpses of her precious personality.  Today, she was very calm when I brushed her and patiently stood there without a problem. She also has found Max’s toys and acts very sweet before sneaking in and stealing a toy from under his nose. We also played ball today, and although Max isn’t very good at sharing, it was amusing to watch Star being rather persistent. Fostering Star is really a wonderful opportunity to help her adjust to family life, and she’s been a great houseguest.

6/15/19 VOLUNTEER UPDATE:  Star is obviously very shy. She is interested in other dogs and actually got along very well with the ever expressive and energetic Scrappy. On a walk,  she is rather distracted, and it seems like she is on a search mission. This is not atypical for a dog who was once a stray, so we’re still working on her leash manners.   She still feels comfortable curled up under benches and tables and still needs to gain confidence, but is a sweet girl and when she feels safe, she can be quite affectionate. She just joined her foster family, and we feel that will help her tremendously to relax and learn to trust again.