Sweet Ginger is a 5.5 year old, 66 lb. gorgeous gem!  She is very laid back, easy going and full of sloppy kisses.  She is great with both dogs and people.  She was a Tennessee breeder surrender.  She will need some leash training as she tries to undertake this new skill.  She knows how to sit and is very food motivated.  This golden beauty is eager to live her life in a home sharing her love with a family.


We have been fostering Sweet Ginger for five days now and she’s been quite the rockstar dog.  She quickly adapted to being here and is a real delight to have around.  She’s sweet as can be and is very social.  I think if she had her say, she’d be a lap dog -as she loves to cuddle.  In particular, she enjoys sitting next to me on the couch and putting her head on my shoulder.  Overall, she’s quite confident and doesn’t get bothered by other dogs barking while on walks. She does well in the crate when we are gone and she is house trained.  She has a playful side that comes out more each day.  One of her favorite pastimes includes trying to steal socks and slippers.  Miss Ginger gets along well with our dog, and they have started to play together in the last few days.  She’s truly a wonderful dog and will be a great addition for someone seeking a companion.  

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