This black beauty of a lab is 10 months to 1 year, 51lb. boy who is very calm for his age.  He is very confident and enjoys playing with other dogs and kids.    He walks well on the leash, knows how to sit on command and would enjoy running in a fenced yard as he relishes the outdoors.  Taco was dumped on a back road in KY  with his brother, T-Bone, before coming to CLR.  Come meet this boy as he is anxiously awaiting to share his companionship and love.


Taco is a pleasure to have in our home.  He’s surprisingly calm for his age. He also minds well, comes right back when we call him in from the yard (much better than our 3 yr old!).  He’s very sweet, loves belly rubs and any attention whatsoever.  He enjoys laying in a dog bed, alone or sharing with one of our two dogs.

Taco is an enthusiastic walker, able to go on long walks with our dogs.  He loves meeting other dogs and people!  He’s fine in a crate while we’re out of the house, but we found there’s no need to crate him at night.  He does very well sleeping in our bedroom.   He may not actually need to be crated at all. He hasn’t expressed any interest in chewing anything other than dog bones.

He will be great living with a family as an only dog or with other dogs.

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