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8/30/2021 FOSTER UPDATE: Tilley is on her third day in our home and I have to say, she’s doing wonderful! She gets along with her two foster brothers very well.  So much so that she sometimes needs to be separated because they want to play!  She has only had one accident when she first arrived.

Tilley is getting around the house well and has been putting some weight on her injured leg.  We are working on crate training.  Sometimes, Tilley needs to be crated while I am home and unable to supervise her.  She will go in her crate for a little treat and protests at first, but settles nicely after a few minutes. She is eating very well and we’re hoping to help her gain some weight!
The most important thing to know about Tilley is that she is the sweetest little girl with a wonderful temperament!  She loves getting snuggles on the couch and sitting on foster mom’s lap.  For everything this sweet little girl has been through, she has a heart of gold and a silly, happy personality.  We love having Tilley in our home!