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1/26/19 VOLUNTEER UPDATE: Elsa is an adorable and loving girl.  Very affectionate towards people, especially in one on one situations and does well with calmer dogs that she meets. She is very sensitive to the environment and does respond very well to very higher energy, unpredictable, or anxious dogs. The presumption is that she is frightened by their presence. She also interacted well with older children she met. However, younger children (5 and under) drew some discomfort when they ran around and were exceeding active. Consequently, until she gains more confidence and feels safe, we do not recommend her being placed with a family with small/young children.  Sudden, unpredictable movements may frighten and startle her.  She is a wonderful girl, but we want to make sure she is the right fit for a family and definitely want to set everyone up for success.

2/2/19 additional volunteer observations: Elsa needs practice walking on a leash and just unsure of what is expected. In time, as her confidence grows, her anxiety with strange noises should dissipate.  She is a definite loving dog and couldn’t be any sweeter and loves giving hugs and kisses.