Wise Willie is a 9 year old, 60lb silver lab that was surrendered by his owner in Alabama after their child developed allergies.  Willie is the bestest boy and has been stealing hearts since he arrived to CLR.

Some details about Willie….

Manners: Willie is a well-behaved and house-trained companion. He has great manners and is very trustworthy in the home. Whether you live in a bustling family home or enjoy a quieter atmosphere, Willie is adaptable and just rolls with it!

Kid-Friendly Canine: Willie is fantastic with kids! His gentle nature and patient demeanor make him an ideal playmate for children of all ages. He loves to join in on the fun, whether it’s going for walks or simply enjoying some quality cuddle time.

Canine Companionship: Social and friendly, Willie gets along great other dogs and cats. If you have a furry friend at home, Willie will quickly become their new best buddy.

Strolls and Snuggles: Willie may be 9 years old, but he still has a zest for life! He enjoys leisurely walks and exploring the outdoors. However, he is also content to lounge around with you, soaking up the warmth of your companionship. Willie is the perfect balance of playful energy and relaxed snuggle time.


Medical Disclosure:  Willie has two mast cell tumors on his leg that are currently under evaluation.  He has had some initial bloodwork and is scheduled to see an oncologist on 3/22.  We will continue to provide updates on his status!


Willie had his consult today. The specialist felt that he would be a good candidate to try to shrink the 2 current tumors and hopefully remove the one on the leg. The other tumor she feels is a cutaneous mast cell which are typically very slow growing and don’t really do much.

The treatment plan she recommends is up to 4 injections of a drug called vinblastine, along with oral prednisone. She will reevaluate after the first injection to see how the tumor responds. This will determine if we continue with more injections.  We are all very encouraged by this visit and her thoughts on Willie’s prognosis going forward.

Willie received the first injection today. Willie also had some general bloodwork drawn so there is a baseline to work with. Vinblastine is extremely well-tolerated. The complete plan, if all goes well, would be the Vinblastine treatment followed by surgical excision.

We will continue to update!




Willie is doing great! and is an all around bestest boy!  He’s house trained and does not need to be crated.  He has great house manners!  He sleeps throughout the night right next to my bed.

He is a friendly boy and has never met a stranger.  He is gets along great with humans as well as four-legged friends.  He is doing great with both my dog and cat!

He loves nylabones and stuffies.  He must feel I enjoy them too because he always brings them over to show me.  Willie‘s tail is always going, unless he’s resting, and while he has a good amount of energy for a senior boy dog.  Another bonus I discovered this afternoon is that he’s not the least bit bothered by thunder – yay!

Not only is Willie Wise, he’s also Wonderful!
Wise Willie continues to be an absolute joy of a dog!  He has a new bed in my room and he absolutely loves it.  Now he sleeps better than ever and nothing seems to make him happier than when he’s near his human.  I had a lot of visitors this weekend and Willie did great.  He thoroughly enjoyed the attention and pretty much everyone was offered a nylabone or a stuffie.  He has also made friends with my cat and they seem to have become best buddies.  Willie is not so Wise when it comes to walking though.  He gets very excited when he sees his harness but his walks consist of a lot of back and forth wandering and sniffing.  I’m sure it’s just a lack of training and can be quickly fixed.
He doesn’t seem to have suffered any ill effects of his first chemo dose so that’s a good thing.  The next will be in two weeks.  He is also taking prednisone once daily and that disappears quickly with his breakfast!
Willie is pretty much the perfect dog!
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