Zada was placed yesterday into foster care. This 1 yr. old, 45 lb., sweet baby has been through so much with her transition. She lost the only home that she has ever known when her owner got ill. She was very scared and stressed while at the kennel, but she has come alive at home! She is an affectionate and confident little nugget. She has a great temperament…she can be playful and energetic but can also cuddle up on the couch. Her favorite things to do are to cuddle with humans, chew on bones, and play tug-o-war.

Zada is so smart! She knows most of her basic commands (sit, down, shake). She is also housetrained – No accidents so far! She seems to know most of the house-rules. She sticks to her toys when chewing and is generally well-behaved. She can jump a little when she is excited, so we are working to correct that. She sometimes just stands on two legs and pretends that she is a human…it’s super cute!

More updates as I get to know this sweet girl! She’s doing great!



This little nugget is a lover!  She is so affectionate and loves to cuddle.  She will paw and nudge for pets.  She will also use her paws to pull your arm for attention.  I would say she has medium energy…typical for a dog her age.  She will wind up and play but will also settle in for a nap as well.  I am noticing her become calmer as she transitions into her new routine and feels more comfortable.

She LOVES toys and bones.  She will use her nose to bop squeaky toys…it’s SUPER cute.  She also LOVES to play tug-o-war.  She is surprising strong for being so tiny!  She will play fetch as well.

She knows most of the basic commands (sit, down, shake).  We are working on “stay” and her leash manners.  She can also jump and be a little mouthy when she plays.  We are working to correct this!  She is housetrained and will usually go to the door when she needs/wants out.  She has had a couple of accidents but that is totally normal as she figures out her new routine. I have been using a crate with her —- she will bark but will eventually settle.  I have been leaving her in short increments to get her more acclimated.  I have also been feeding her in the crate (she loves to eat so I want to create a positive association).

She is still transitioning and so it is important that her next family is patient.  I am working on some socialization to help her build confidence and expose her to new experiences.  She has met 2 new dogs and has done great!  She has been fast friends with Finney (another foster dog).  Sometimes she doesn’t understand boundaries (i.e. playing when the dogs don’t want to play), but she is starting to learn social cues.  She loves playing with other dogs, but she loves her humans more.  She is always by my side.

I have also had a few friends over to help with her human interaction.  She was a little standoffish at first, and she will bark and retreat when she is scared.  She warmed up quickly after some treats and pets.  After 10 minutes, she was sitting on the couch and demanding pets and cuddles.  Her stranger danger seems to be selective.  Sometimes she will warm right up and other times she takes a few minutes.  She is in a completely new environment, so I am very confident that she will be more comfortable as she settles.

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