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Zuni’s foster sister thinks she’s a great pillow

3/23/20 FOSTER UPDATE: Zuni has come a long way since I brought her home a week ago.  While still a little timid, she has made amazing progress in such a short time. Initially Zuni didn’t shy away from attention but didn’t seek it out either.  Now, whenever I sit, she’ll want to come over and sit next to me so if you’re looking for a cuddler and a kisser, Zuni certainly has potential.

She has gone from not eating to being hand fed to enjoying a healthy meal just as any other Lab would!  She still doesn’t understand treats (not at all Lab-like!) but I’m sure that will change soon.  Her playful side is starting to emerge, as she’s beginning to enjoy running around the yard with my dog.
Zuni appears to be housebroke and can be trusted outside of the crate if I’m not home.  She was initially very hesitant to leave the house to go on a walk but there has been improvement there as well.  She’s turning out to be an excellent walker and doesn’t pull on the leash at all.
Zuni has spent most of her life in a shelter and while I’m sure she was well cared for, it wasn’t an ideal situation.  She’s finally finding out what it’s like to live in a home and she’s really blossoming.  Now it’s time for her to find her forever family!