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Fun Facts about Your Dog

By 07/04/2015December 16th, 2022Transition

Fun Facts


Your Dog

website 019 (1)Your Dog Has His Own Fingerprint. Just as each person can be identified by the swirls and curvatures found in a fingerprint, your dog has his own unique print, but you won’t find it on his paw. A dog’s nose has so many creases and ridge combinations, that a print of the nose is unique as a fingerprint.

Your Dog Is One Smart Cookie.  We all know that our dogs are pretty intelligent, but did you know your fluffy pooch is as smart as a two year old child? According to the American Psychological Association, our dogs have quite a head on their shoulders with Dobermans, Golden Retrievers and Poodles at the top of the genius list.

 A Whiff Of Disease Detection From Your Furry Friend. A recent study conducted by the Schillerhohe Hospital in Germany came to the incredible realization that a dog can actually detect human disease. A human that has a progressive disease, such as diabetes, smells different to a dog than someone who is healthy. Man’s best friend is truly becoming more than just a friend, but a lifesaver!

Pant Away! Your dog has a regular breath of about 10-30 breaths per minute, but a panting dog has a breath of almost 400 breaths per minute. Talk about a fast cool down!

Foot Sweat Is A Good Thing – For Dogs That Is. Unlike humans where our bodies are covered in sweat glands, dogs only have these glands on the bottom of their feet. Therefore, bodily heat can only be released from your dog’s foot pads, making foot sweat a good thing

.How Good Is Your Hearing? Ever notice your dog can hear a person at the door before you do? Hertz is the measurement of sound frequency. The higher pitched the sound is, the higher the Hertz is measured. The average human hears at about 2,000 Hertz, whereas your dog can hear a sound at 8,000 Hertz.

Watch Your Plate! We all know dogs have an amazing sense of smell, but did you know your dog’s smell is 10,000 times more powerful than yours? With a nose like that, you’d better watch your plate!website 117

Why Is My Dog’s Nose Wet? Your dog’s cold, wet nose actually helps him smell better. The thin mucus layer that makes your dog’s nose wet, absorbs the scent and allows your dog to taste the smell with a simple lick of the nose.

 Your Dog Has Not One, Not Two, But Three Eyelids! Your dog has an upper, a lower and an inner eyelid known as the nictitating membrane. This third eyelid actually moves side to side, instead of up and down like a normal eyelid. Your dog’s third eye lid acts as an extra protective layer to the eye, during swimming and digging.

My Dog, Color Blind? Despite what you have been told all these years, your dog isn’t completely blind to color. Dogs can actually see colors of green, yellow and blue. However, shades of red still appear grey to your dog.

Doggie Face, Puppy Eyes, Your Dog Has A Face For Everything. Your dog can make over 100 different facial expressions to tell you what he is feeling and most are made with his 077



Dog Appendicitis? Dog appendicitis…not for your dog. Dogs don’t have an appendix.

That’s One Hot Dog! Have you taken your dog’s temperature? If you have, you probably thought he was running a temperature as your dog’s normal temperature is 101 to 102.5. Compared to our normal temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, that is on hot dog.

There’s No Such Thing as Bad Taste for Your DogWe have over 9,000 taste buds, whereas our dogs only have about 1,700. No wonder our dogs enjoy website 034so many foods, we can hardly stand the smell of let alone ingest.

Wow! That is One Fast Dog! The majority of domesticated dogs can reach a speed of nearly 19mph, not counting racing dog breeds. Racing dogs can run much faster, up to an average speed of 40mph.

I Can’t Spot My Dalmatian. You won’t be able to “spot” your Dalmatian’s spots until they are older in age. Dalmatian puppies are first born pure white and then gradually develop their spots as they become older.

Your Dog Has One Voice That Is Sure To Be Heard. Your dog can produce just about ten different vocal sounds.

Are You On Your Dog’s Radar? Your dog can locate the source of a sound, using the ears like swiveling radar dishes, in 6/100th of a second.

Are You A Dog Lover? Americans love their dogs with over 73 million homes housing dogs today. That’s over half the US population!

What’s Your Favorite Dog Breed? There are over 350 dog breeds found throughout the world.

Man’s Best Friend for Centuries to Come. The Dog was the first domesticated animal to humans over 10,000 years ago and continues to be the number one choice in family pets today. So…enjoy your dog!website tri-fecta


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