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A Message to Potential Adopters

By 06/30/2014December 16th, 2022Adopt a Lab

Please consider this an apology to all of our past and potential adopters:

  • Cincinnati Lab Rescue is run entirely by volunteers.
  • We volunteer our time, we spend our money.
  • We share our tears, our love, and our homes to the dogs we love.
  • We drop everything to meet a transport at midnight – who has driven hours to bring another dog to their freedom and new life.
  • We spend our weekends at events to share these wonderful animals in the hopes of finding them their forever homes with you.
  • We nurse them back to health if they are sick, and we give them a hug when they are afraid of the unknown.
  • We stay up 24 hours with the expectant mother when she is about to deliver her puppies.
  • Forgive us if we do not get back to you immediately when you call or write to us. We are likely pulling another dog from their death row sentence or ferrying another dog to the vet. Or maybe we are in the vet’s waiting room anxiously waiting to hear the results of the last test or view the last batch of x-rays.
  • We train, and we teach, and we model, and we socialize, so that they will join your family in the best way they can – with the best chance for success.
  • And when they meet you, and go home with you, we are happy to have been a part of their journey. And then we welcome another into our care to help them on their journey too.
  • We do what we can with the resources we have. We have full time and more than full time careers, plus (understanding) families on top of our volunteer commitment.
  • We also have a passion for giving a new life to these beautiful dogs. We never want to place them in a situation like they came from, so we are diligent about our placement.

If you would like to adopt – please be patient. We apologize for the wait – but we will not apologize for our priorities.

We rescue Labrador Retrievers: And we are proud of it.

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If you would like to help us, please consider volunteering, fostering, sponsoring, or donating. A relatively small percentage of our dogs are in foster homes. 100% of all donations go directly to the dogs.  If we had more fosters – we could rescue more Labradors.

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Adapted from: Coastal German Shepherd Rescue OC/* Revised from/ credited to Front Range German Shepherd Rescue.