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BREE Foster Update: Bree is a super sweet, happy pup who will gladly accept belly rubs from anyone willing to give her one. She is a calm, quiet gentle and follows you wherever you go. She is fully house trained and well mannered on a leash. She expresses interest in meeting new dogs and people during her walks. She spends most of her time napping during the day. She is low energy and seems to be happy to just chill in a room with your company. She enjoys her food and easily takes her meds.  This happy girl is always ready for the car ride too. Bree truly has a big heart and deserves a super loving home!

ALASKA FOSTER UPDATE:  I just wanted to give you an update of  about the beautiful Alaska. She is an angel! We are in love!♡♡

She did great on the way home. Two hours after she arrived she was taking a nap. She felt comfortable super fast! I was impress.  She is extremely sweet, super gentle, and incredibly smart. No incidents inside the house yet. She is eating well, drinking well and taking her medicine without any problem. She behaves like a princess around the house. My husband loves her, and she likes him very much too, but at this point she feels more comfortable around am the one that feeds her so maybe that is why.  She likes the kennel, she doesn’t have any problem when spending time there.
A curious thing about her is that doesn’t use her nose much. She mostly uses her eyes and ears to explore the world around her…first time I see a behavior like that one. The walks are great though because she doesn’t stop to smell anything she just walks and observes.
She loves to sleep. She sleeps very deeply and apparently dreams a lot too.
Today she was full of energy compared to yesterday. She loves to play but we are trying to keep her calm and relax because of the stitches.  She is a very happy soul.
Thank you again for allowing us to share our time with this beautiful princess. We are enjoying every single moment with her and we are doing our best to make her happy and teach her as much as we can.