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7/12/20 UPDATE: What a difference a few days make.  After a little while with her foster family, Sierra has settled in beautifully.  She is incredibly sweet, playful, and enjoys hanging with her foster brother, and loves her snuggle time.  She can be submissive and just roll on her back for tummy rubs and has become a very adaptable and wonderful guest in her foster home.

FOSTER UPDATE: Sierra has only been with us for a few days.  She is a super sweet and playful dog who loves to cuddle and is very social.  Sierra always wants to be around people and quickly became my shadow.  She has puppy-like energy and gravitates to all the dog toys.  She gets along well with other dogs and is friendly meeting new people.  She did not have the benefit of much training prior to her arrival so we are spending extra time working on several basic commands and dog manners. We have been emphasizing leash walking, eliminating any inappropriate play biting, and jumping.  Although she had a few potty accidents when she first arrived, we think we are on the upswing with house training.   She appears to learn quickly, and we feel she has great potential. She is a wonderful dog and with guidance she will be a great member of the family.