Andy is a 9 month old, 48 lb. adorable, happy, sweet boy.  He is excellent on a leash and is very calm.  Andy is great with dogs and people.  He rides well in the car but does get car sick occasionally. He is a stray from Mississippi.  Andy has a lot of snuggles and kisses to share with all!



Andy is a dream dog in so many ways.  He is a great leash walker as the video shows.  He is super affectionate and loves to jump up and give you hugs.  Along our walk today, he stopped and was very friendly while kids petted him.  We bathed him and he just wagged his tail the entire time while we washed him.  Andy is a very trusting dog.  He eats at a normal pace and just loves other dogs and humans.  He is still young so he does like to jump up occasionally but is easily redirected.  Andy is eager to please and is a very smart, obedient dog.  Come meet this hidden treasure as you will not be disappointed~!

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