Bugsy is a 1 year old, 37 lb. confident, happy boy who loves people and other dogs. He is good in the car and walks well on a leash. Great with kids.  Bugsy is learning so many commands in foster care because he is very observant, smart and treat motivated. This boy is eager to learn and ready to be a good boy for the next family who is ready to show him attention and love.



He’s such a sweet cuddly dog!!  He’s been hanging out by the pool and even went camping with us last weekend. He’s a good hiker!
He’s walking well on a leash, no accidents in the house. He would not be good with cats.

Bugsy has been with us for about a month now and has settled in nicely. We’ve been working on several commands, he now knows “sit” “come” “go to bed” to crate for the night(he crates well and is comfortable there with no barking), he will “heal” while walking and sits automatically on stopping. He is a sweet boy with a very goofy puppy personality. His upper lip will get stuck on his teeth and he “smiles”, it’s the cutest thing! We don’t get through a walk in the neighborhood without several people stopping for cuddles and pets. He’s definitely a snuggler and loves to be with his people. He can most often be found laying under my feet or hanging out with my 9 year old daughter. He loves walks (he gets 2-3 a day) and to go for car rides. He also loves toys to chew on and playing fetch. He’s great with kids and other dogs, he would really do well having a doggie play mate! He also alerts at the door when he needs to go outside. Bugsy is the best boy and a great fit for just about any home

Bugsy is such a sweet good boy!  He crates well.  He may bark a few minutes but settles quickly.  I say instruct him to bed and he races to the crate with his toys in it and is quiet all night.   Bugsy is active but after a walk or playing, he lays down and naps.  He does not chew on things.  Bugsy has not had any house accidents and is food motivated so responds well to treats.  He currently knows “sit”, “come” and we’re learning “leave it” and “stay”. He has been the best house guest playing with our dogs and Bugsy would do well in a home with kids and pets.   At first, he was pulling on walks so we used a gentle leader on him and now Bugsy walks like a gentlemen! He absolutely loves squirrels and can get a little crazy on the leash when spotting one.  Hounds are known for finding their way out to sniff out all the critters and great smells!

Overall, we think Bugsy an excellent dog. People should expect he is a bit of a puppy with his playfulness, except we would say he is a remarkable puppy because he does not go to the bathroom in the house or chew on things.

Bugsy is doing well at our house after being here a few days. He is a very playful, “happy go lucky” boy. He enjoys his toys especially the ball. Bugsy is respectful in the house as he has not chewed on anything. He is learning dog manners living with other dogs probably for the first time. Our dogs are teaching him the concept of dog boundaries and he is gradually learning. Bugsy appears to be house trained as he has not had one accident since arriving on Monday. This fun-loving, good boy would make a wonderful companion for any family!

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