This sweet 10 month old pup is CLR’s little angel.  Angelica is a tripod who lost her left front leg after being hit by a car.  CLR tried to rescue her in enough time to save the leg but it was too late.  Angelica immediately went into foster care when she arrived at CLR.  This tough little girl is a puppy at heart, tough and strong to live a normal life like any other dog and has a ton of love and kisses to share for a lifetime.  Be the one, to rewrite this baby girl’s bright future!!



We’ve been fostering Angelica for 1 day and she’s just the best! She gets around just fine and has no idea that she’s missing a paw. She has the energy of a puppy and doesn’t know a stranger. She slept like a baby her fist night in her crate- what we imagine is the first peaceful night of sleep in her young life- didn’t make a peep all night and her bed was bone dry in the morning. She eats and drinks well and has been great about potty breaks outside. She loves her Gumby toy and fetches it if thrown. She’s truly Angelic!

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