Meet Arty!  He is a 2 year old that was found stray in Kentucky.

Personality:  Arty is a loving dog who thrives on affection. This confident boy has a heart full of love for both kids and other dogs. Arty hasn’t met a stranger he didn’t like and doesn’t seem to be afraid of anything. He’s always ready for cuddles and craves attention from his human companions.

Interests:  Arty is an adventurous dog who loves to engage in playful activities.  He loves walks and playing with other dogs, but his  favorite pastime is taking treats and showing off his well-learned commands!

Training:  Arty is treat-motivated, which has helped with his training. He knows commands like “sit” and “down,” although his version of “down” often involves a cute roll over.  He tends to walk well on a leash but he can be a bit excited at first.  Arty’s excellent interaction with both dogs and people (including children) makes him a versatile and loving addition to any family.


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