Meet Hershey!  He is a 2 year old, 75lb chocolate lab.  He was surrendered after his owner moved into an apartment and no longer had time to care for him.

Personality – Hershey is an affectionate and playful pup, always eager to shower his human companions with love. His friendly demeanor makes him an instant favorite with children and adults alike. Hershey thrives on companionship and enjoys being part of a family dynamic, making him the perfect addition to a home that can give him the attention and affection he craves.

Training – Hershey is house trained and knows some of the basics.  Yay, Hershey!  While he already has some basic training, continued guidance and reinforcement will help him flourish further in his new home.

Interests – Hershey is a young and active dog.  He loves to run and play, so he would enjoy a big spacious yard with regular walks and adventures.  His playful spirit shines brightest when he’s given the opportunity to stretch his legs and explore. Hershey also has a particular fondness for children.  He loves matching their energy and playfulness.



Hershey has been with us for one week and he is such a joy! He is so playful and cuddly. He loves to play fetch, go for walks, and swim. He learns and adapts quickly. In this past week, he has learned leash and meal manners. Hershey is an instant best friend to everyone he meets! He is great with other dogs and kids of all ages. Hershey is eager to please, a forever companion, and fun to be around!

As for training and commands, he is great with the “sit”, “shake” , “leave it” and “off” commands. He learned how to wait for the “ok” command to start eating this week and we are starting to work on “lay down.”  We have not been using a crate and he has done well without it. He is mostly house trained. He had accidents during the first couple of transition days but quickly learned the drill! We have bells on the door and he learned how to nudge those to signal needing to go outside.

He is such a great dog!!

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