Atticus is a handsome, spirited 2 yr. old 59 lb. boy who is good with other dogs.  This poor boy has spend over a year in a no kill shelter after being found as a stray in TN.  He is good on the leash but enjoys the outdoors so he would do well with a fenced in backyard where he can run and play. He will sit for a treat but does not seem to know any other commands at this time. Come meet this gorgeous, fine fellow who is eagerly awaiting to be loved in his forever home!



Atticus is a 2 year old that has spend most of his life living in a shelter.  He is so sweet , but he often struggled with training and socialization when he came to Cincinnati Lab Rescue.  He just didn’t know how to harness his energy and he was adopted and returned a number of times.


Thanks to our friends at Cincinnati Dog Trainers – Off Leash K9 Training, Atticus went off to a 2 week residential training.  He is working with some of the best trainers in the business and his is absolutely thriving.  He is so smart, eager to please, and he is excelling in every single way.  We are happy to report that he is ready for his forever family!


Atticus has been in foster for a week, and he continues to show progress.  He is such a great dog, but he is still learning how to properly harness his energy.  We are working on socializing him to all of the sights and sounds of the neighborhood, and he is doing really well.  He can get a little nervous around loud sounds (trampolines, kids yelling, etc.).  After spending a year in a kennel, everything is all very new to him so it will be a little bit of a process.  Atticus will need a family that will be committed to his training.  He has great focus and really aims to please!  He is just still learning on how to adjust to life as a part of a family.

Atticus is crate trained, house trained, and does well in a car.  He knows sit and is learning “stay.”  He is also doing great on our walks!  His leash manners are improving each day.  He absolutely loves to run and play in the yard…..he is a zoomie machine!  He is VERY athletic and can jump/climb a 4ft fence. He might need an invisible fence or a home that is committed to leash walking him. He does need a lot of exercise, so it will be important that he finds an active home.

As for temperament, Atticus LOVES his human.  He will follow me around the house and always wants to be with the pack.  He does do well when I have to leave though….he is very comfortable in his crate.  He has adjusted to life with two dogs as well.  He is sometimes uncomfortable with first introductions and unknown dogs, but he tends to warm up.  He has been coexisting with my pack well!

Atticus is a good dog with so much potential.  It has been amazing watching him learn and grow as he adjusts to live outside of the kennel.


Quick morning update! Atticus is SO much more comfortable this morning.  He has started to decompress and settle in and you can see his anxiety lift.  If I had to guess, I would suspect that he has been in a home before.  He seems to know his way around, and he has been comfortable with all of the household sounds (TV, vacuum cleaner, etc.).

He is my sidekick. He loves just being with humans.  He enjoyed sitting outside while I had coffee this morning.  He’s not super interested in other dogs….he tends to just ignore my pack.

As for training, he has great focus and recall so I believe he will train easily.  Right now I am focused on eliminating his jumping and mouthiness.  He also likes to countersurf (so we are working on that!). Housetraining continues to go well – no accidents!  He ran right outside this morning and knew exactly what to do.  He really aims to please…he just needs some structure and routine.

Atticus did great in the crate yesterday.  He gave a bark or two but settled in almost immediately.  He slept in his crate overnight without a peep. (NOTE – the crate is in the living room so he did fine being alone for the evening).

More updates to come!  But he’s doing great!


Atticus has made it to foster today.  He rode quietly in the car and did great with the transition.  He had a lot of pent up energy after being in the kennel so he was a bit of a wild man at first (as expected!), but he is settling in nicely.  He hasn’t left my side….He looooooves attention!!

He is very much detoxing right now, so I’m sure I’ll see more of his personality over the next day or two.  He seems a little anxious right now.  He met my two dogs — he wasn’t super comfortable but the introduction was relatively uneventful.  He is showing some interest in bones and tennis balls, but he doesn’t quite understand “fetch.”

As for training, he will need a little help with some of the basics (ie jumping).  He really does aim to please though.  He knows “sit” and will work for treats.  He hasn’t had any accidents in the house yet, but it is too early to tell if he is housetrained.  He is starting to explore the crate so I am going to see how he does crated this evening.

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