Hi, my name is Reggie (previous CLR name was Everest).  I am a 2.5 yr. old, 66 lb. sweet boy and I love being with people and kids.  People are nice to me so I will sit and roll over to get all those awesome belly rubs they are willing to give me!  I love taking walks as I am proud to say I am a very good leash walker!  I enjoy car rides and being active outdoors.  My foster mom took me to Caesar’s Creek and I had a blast playing in the waterfalls!

I enjoy being in my crate as that is my safe place when I just want to be by myself and chew on my toys.   I sleep through the night in my crate. I do whine a little in my crate when my foster mom leaves but I am learning she will return back at home to me.

I am loving my foster mom’s home because I am an only dog and I get all of the attention.  I don’t like living in a home with other animals as I lack confidence. When my foster mom has other dogs at the house, I am content to just lay in my crate with my toys.

I am a very smart dog and a quick learner.  My foster mom has me in training to make sure I am the good boy for my new family and I am digging the training because I am learning so much!  I have learned “come”, “sit”, and “place”.  Also, I can now “give” when retrieving that thing called a ball that is one of my favorite toys. I have learned to mind my own business when other dogs are walking by me and bark or when loud trucks pass by with the commands “stay” and “leave it” while looking at my foster mom.   Also, I have learned how to sit and wait while my food is placed on the ground until I am told I can eat.  My foster mom said there is more to learn so we continue to go to training to ensure I can be the BEST boy I can be for my new family.



Reggie has just completed his 2nd level of training with Off Leash K9 and this obedient dog (see video below) is ready for his forever home!  Reggie loves long walks and hikes running on a 20 ft. lead while smelling all of beautiful smells nature has to offer.  He knows heel, come, sit, down , place.  When other dogs are out and about in parks or on our walks, he does best in a heel command so as to not get distracted by them.    I just stop and have him sit and look at me. He is the fan favorite at the boarding facility and at Armco Park where he walks a couple miles and then watches us at the driving range.  He has great energy, sleeps well in a crate and does not need to be crated when you leave.

Reggie would do best in a home without other dogs or small children.  He would also love to have a big yard to run and play.  We do not have a fence but he does not leave our property.  He stays and comes on command.

Reggie is a fantastic lab who will make someone a great companion long term. We will provide training updates for the new adopters and help you with his transition to your home and family.


Reggie is doing so well with his training and getting more and more comfortable around other dogs!  Today, he spent an hour in his advance class with a 90 lb. Mastiff.  They ended the session on a leisurely walk walking side by side and Reggie was very comfortable and demonstrated good body language the entire time.

We love this boy the longer he is here with us!  He loves to lay at your feet and get belly rubs, take his walks and hikes and most of all wants to really enjoys car rides!  He has been super sweet with our 10 month old nephew and just wants to lay by him and lick his feet!  Reggie will do great in a home as an only dog but has definitely demonstrated in training that he can positively interact with other dogs.  Reggie will make a wonderful companion for his future family!


Reggie is looking for a family who wants to give one dog all the attention and outdoor fun in return for love.  His new family is encouraged to continue his training with the trainer and at home.  We have seen major improvements in Reggie’s behavior in the month we have had him in our home and at training.   Just like kids, he needs some play time, boundaries and love!

If you are looking for a beautiful boy with good energy and are a household that will only have one dog, Reggie is your guy!
Reggie was with his last family one year and they were heartbroken to bring him back but their house was too active with multiple neighbor dogs staying over and visiting all the time.  Just wasn’t good fit for Reggie long term.
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