9/14/22 NEWEST UPDATE:  Biscuit is the best dog ever!  She is so happy and absolutely lights up the room.  She has made so much progress over the past few weeks.  She has been doing water treadmill therapy, swimming, and in home exercises. She is getting stronger every day, and her strength is starting to build in her hind legs.  She can now climb stairs and jump on the couch!  Her stamina is also improving.  She is able to go on 30-40 minute walks….she will also swim for hours!

She is also making progress with her housetraining / accidents.  She is doing so much better with a consistent routine and training.  She was passed from home to home, so it took her some time to adjust.  She will still have accidents from time to time (mostly driven by puppy excitement!) but she is improving.

     Biscuit loves all people and dogs.  She is a social butterfly!  She is always happy and playful.  She also loves to play with toys….she will always parade her stuffed animals around.

8/20 FOSTER UPDATE:  Biscuit is such an amazing dog!  She is so happy and friendly.  She is the captain of the smile squad.  She brings an instant smile anywhere she goes! I just love having her here!

Biscuit is working through a few physical limitations.  She has some weakness in her hind end which is causing some challenges with walking (she waddles) as well as some incontinence.  Our focus now is building her strength, so we started her in physical therapy.  She is already making so much progress!  She is now able to sit (yay!).  She is also improving her balance.  It will be a journey but we are so happy with how she is progressing.

Here are some fast facts for training…

Leash Walking – she walks well on a leash. She is building up her stamina and is doing so well on our walks.

Housetraining – She is improving as she has gotten into a routine.  Her incontinence is the biggest driver of accidents but I am able to better anticipate.  She is still a puppy so I’m confident that she will continue to make progress

Commands –  she learned how to sit!  Her physical limitations prevented her from sitting in the past but she is gaining strength and now able to sit like a pro

Car rides – she is the best copilot!  She is a great rider.

Crate training – she does well in her crate.  She is very comfortable using the crate overnight or while I’m away.

Biscuit is such a great dog.  I’m so happy to be on this journey with her.


8/6/22 UPDATE: Biscuit is the absolute cutest puppy!  She has the softest eyes and biggest smile.  And she has the personality to match – she is a total sweetheart! She is still a puppy so she is still learning the ropes.  She loves playing with toys and bones and does a great job sticking to her toys.  She is not an aggressive chewer….she just enjoys parading around with her stuffy toys.  She is working on her housetraining.  She has it about 80% down.  Most of her accidents are a result of being overly excited.  She just can’t help it!

She is sleeping in the crate overnight.  She will bark a little when she first goes in but tends to settle in quickly.  She is getting progressively more comfortable in the crate.  She has the cutest little waddle when she walks.  It is an issue she has dealt with all of her life, but it does not slow her down AT ALL.  She loves to do turbo zoomies through the yard.  She is a typical lab.  She loves to be outside and splash in all of the puddles.  I haven’t had a chance to set up the kiddie pool yet but I am willing to bet that she is a water dog (hopefully we will have some better weather this week).
She met 2 new dogs and some neighbors this week.  No stranger danger!  She loves everyone!  She does tend to get a little mouthy on first introductions but we are working on that. Overall, it’s been a good first few days!  She is a great dog!  Her new family will just need to be a little patient as she learns some of the basics.