CUTENESS OVERLOAD……Bit is an adorable 13 week old, male pup who is the brother to Biscuit and Bit.  Are you ready for sloppy kisses, snuggles, nibbles and playfulness?  If so, come meet this handsome little boy!!!



Bit is an absolute dream of a puppy. He is so smart and so well behaved, and he truly has the sweetest disposition. Bit has done very well with potty training, and with very little help from me. I would say that he is nearly completely potty trained!

As far as crate training goes, Bit has adapted extremely well. He loves his crate, and will happily go in when it’s time. He’s also picked up on when he’s expected to go to bed.

Having Bit around the house is a lot like having a full-grown adult snoozing the day away. At times, he may even behave a little better than some adult pups I’ve met! He has such a chill personality that I sometimes forget he’s just a baby!

But of course, he does show some of the sweetest puppy behavior that will absolutely melt your heart! Bit loves to snuggle and sometimes he just needs some special mom time. Sometimes when one of his playmates gets a little rough, he’ll run to foster mom to tattle and get special snuggles.

Bit absolutely loves other dogs and he does very well at playtime! I think he would love to have a sibling to romp around with!

Bit is everything I would ever want in a puppy. It’s like he was just made to be a family companion, and he already knows exactly what to do!

I know that I’ve been selfish, and kept him to myself for too long. It’s time for this little Bit to find his forever family. Whoever is lucky enough to take this perfect boy home is in for a wonderful and rewarding future with a perfect angel!


Bit is a super chill pup.  He is doing great with potty and crate training.  Bit keeps his crate clean.  He loves shoes and making nests with foster mom’s clothes (not destructive with the clothes).  Bit loves to take naps and has become such a confident little boy over the past couple weeks.

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