Pollie is a calm, confident, 1.5 yr old, 48 lb. young pup.  She is great on a leash, good with other dogs and will sit on command.  Pollie enjoys treats and is very smart.  She will occasionally jump up gently to tell you hello and how much she appreciates you.  Pollie comes to CLR as a stray from Gallia County, Ohio.  Pollie is patiently waiting to find her forever family to share her love and companionship.


We brought Pollie into our home on Friday, November 24. Her adjustment has been simply amazing! She settled in immediately. She has not had a single accident and goes to the door when she needs to go out. She likes to be in the same room as us, but has begun venturing around the house on her own a bit today. She seems to know that she can get the dog toys from the basket, and leaves everything else alone (namely the Christmas tree which we were worried about). We did catch her trying to unknot a rug when we weren’t watching!

Pollie sleeps in her crate in our room at night and doesn’t make a peep until we are ready to get up. She’s been on two long walks and is pretty good on the leash. She gets excited when she sees the other dogs, and we will introduce her to our daughter’s lab mix this week. We are also going to work on leaving her home alone in her crate this week and see how she does.

She knows “sit” and we are working on “down”, “with me”, “wait” and “leave it”. Pollie is very food motivated so training should be relatively easy. She is affectionate and will accept lots of petting and hugs. She occasionally will jump when she is excited, but it’s not often and she’s pretty gentle.

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