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8/3/22 FOSTER UPDATE: Hi.  Bitsy here. My foster dad ssaid I should send an email listing all of the amazing things I’ve learned in only two days.  One thing I haven’t learned is how to type so I’m dictating this.

  1. My tail is meant for wagging and not tucking between my legs
  2. I can sleep on soft, comfortable carpet anytime I want instead of a hard floor in a kennel
  3. I’m done having puppies
  4. How to go up and down the stairs
  5. What a backyard is and that I can run around with my foster sister.
  6. That I’m house broke and don’t need to be in the kennel
  7. Did I tell you I’m really good at wagging my tail?
  8. I get to go on something called a walk. I’ve never done that before but my dad says I’m learning.
  9. There are people at my fence who will scratch my head if I go over and see them (and of course wag my
  10. There is a cat in my house.  He’s small but I don’t think he’s a puppy.  I like him anyhow.
  11. That learning to be a dog is hard work and sometimes I need to rest
  12. That I’m already for a forever home and I hope you come to see me soon