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5/2/2021 FOSTER UPDATE: Gosh, Bucket is SO sweet! He honestly wants to be on my lap ALL the times…that’s when he’s the happiest! We’re working on getting pets when he has four paws on the floor, but he’s so sweet it’s hard not to let him snuggle.  He is making progress in understanding boundaries.

As for training, he has not had an accident the past few days.  He’s settling into the routine here and is adjusting well. He’s really good in his crate.  And he’s sooooo food motivated. So he’s getting better at going into his crate with treats!
We discovered how much Bucket loves the water and got a little playtime with the sprinkler today.  We are still having to limit activity due to his heartworm treatment but he is recovering well. This boy would be a great addition to any family.  He does great with both dogs and kids!

4/24/21 FOSTER UPDATE: Bucket is a total love bug!  Although he has had a rough start to life, he is very affectionate and just wants to be with you!  He loves to snuggle and is a big cuddler!  He does great with both dogs and children.  He has been lower energy because of his heart worm treatment.  He is recovering well!

Bucket does well in his crate and will go in willingly (when there are treats involved)!  He has also done well with housetraining.  He has only had 1 accident – which can be expected as he starts to understand the routine.
Bucket has a ton of love to give and would be a great addition to any family!