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UPDATE #2: : Well, the shelter that took Bullwinkle’s brother and not him sure did miss out.  Fortunately their mistake is our gain.  I’ve had Bullwinkle for 2 weeks now and he’s pretty much the perfect dog!  He does not need to be crated while I’m at work, I come home at lunch to let him out, and he’s had zero accidents.  He spent the weekend in boarding while I was out of town and he was sure happy to see me when I got back, which is a good feeling.  He’s becoming a real snuggler, enjoys attention and is just an all around happy pup whose tail is always wagging!

Don’t make the same mistake the other shelter did and let Bullwinkle get away from you!

6/26/FOSTER UPDATE:  Well, Bullwinkle has only been with me for a little over a day, but I can say with complete confidence that he is definitely an A++ dog!  It didn’t take him any time to adjust to his new surroundings.  He quickly made friends with my dog and also has made my cat his new buddy.

     I can confirm that he’s housebroken and although he’s crate trained I don’t think he needs to be.  we’ll find out this week.  He slept quietly through the night in my room and didn’t need any 3:00 potty breaks – yay!
Bullwinkle eats politely, walks pretty well on a leash and while he enjoys attention, he is just an all around laid back boy. Come and see for yourself because Bullwwinkle isn’t going to last long.  I promise, no Rocky starts!