Meet Burl!  He is a 9 month old, 60lb black lab that was found stray in Kentucky.

Personality:  Burl is a sweet and affectionate boy who loves human companionship. He’s great with other dogs, making him an ideal addition to a multi-dog household. His loving demeanor makes him a wonderful friend and loyal companion. Burl also loves being outdoors and exploring his surroundings. He is always up for an adventure!

Training:  Burl is a smart boy who is eager to please.  He is a great leash walker, with just a little pull.  He loves treats and is very food motivated which should help with training.  He already knows the commands “sit” and “down.”  He does tend to jump with excitement but is easily corrected.  This boy is eager to please!

Interests:  Burl is an active dog who loves to play. Fetch is one of his favorite games, and he never gets tired of chasing after a ball. He also has a charming habit of hoarding toys, gathering them up and keeping them close. Whether it’s playtime or cuddle time, Burl is always ready for some fun and affection.

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