Adorable Puppy Alert!!!  Capri is an absolutely cute, calm, 5 month old, 27 lb. pup who is as sweet as can be.  She is very playful with other dogs, is fearless, and rides great in the car.  Come get your snuggles and kisses when you meet this cutie pie!



Capri is an absolute gem!  She loves snuggling in bed, on the couch and  to relax in a dog bed.   She has not had a single accident.  Capri has learned to use the potty bells hung at our back door to let us know when she needs to go out to go to the bathroom.  She usually goes #2 first thing in the morning and then after dinner in the evening so very little maintenance here.

Capri is a very quick, smart learner as she has learned “spin” and “stay.  She continues to work on  “leave it” and has been very good and sitting and leaving it before she eats and then reacts to the food when we say “okay.”  She knows the commands “sit”, down”, “come” and “go potty.”  Capri met a baby and loved it as she laid down and tried to nap with the baby.  Capri is a very smart, loving and mild tempered dog.  She will be the perfect addition to any family!


This little pup, Capri, continues to melt our hearts.  She is a fast learner and is almost completely housebroken after being at my house for a 1.5 weeks. She does well on the leash, gets along well with other dogs as the video below shows, and does not chew on things unless you leave out your shoes.  She loves her crate and is very adaptable.  Come meet this dream pup!


Capri continues to do very well with me.  She is just a little squirt who is confident and loves to run and play with my big dogs.  Even though she enjoys playing with them, she respects their space to be part of the pack.  She does well in the crate when I am gone and at night.  She eats well and continues to grow since she is still a pup.  She has had a few accidents in the house so we continue to work on being housebroken.  She enjoys toys and retrieving them in my fenced in backyard.  Capri is a good listener and obeys when instructed.  This little, adorable girl is a dream and has so much to offer an individual and/or family.


Capri has been at my house for 1 full day and is doing fantastic!  She has not had any accidents and is getting along very well with my two Chihuahuas and two large, lab dogs.  She loves to play and run in the yard.  As she is still a young pup, she likes to chew on things.  She slept quietly in the kennel but I did get up once to let her out until she gets adjusted to the new environment.  I do believe she has lived in a house before based on how comfortable she is and knows how to navigate inside a house.

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