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FOSTER UPDATE:  Meet Carlton, our latest foster dog from Cincinnati Lab Rescue. He may not have had a great start to life in his fist 8 months, but he sure is overjoyed to be on his way to living his best life in his forever home. This goofy, sweet, bouncy boy has already won a lot of hearts at CLR!

He is perfectly happy to chew on dog toys and bones, and accepts redirection if he is chewing on something inappropriate, but left to his own devices, even for a short time, he will chew on something inappropriate since he likes having something in his mouth. He is an active dog that like to have something to DO.  That’s not to say he’s crazy, he settles down and naps.  He tolerates the crate (although it’s not his happy place), is largely house broken, and he is respectful of corrections from my guys when they don’t want to play.

He is an incredibly sweet dog.  Not particularly cuddly but wants to be near you and craves positive attention.  He accepts correction in a very good-natured manner and fits right in with our canine boys and would enjoy having canine companions.  His favorite place to lay is under the table at my feet. The ideal adopter must be patient, flexible, willing to train and has an active lifestyle. He has the potential to be a great dog, he has a heart of gold, but it will require quite a bit of training and reinforcement before he could be trusted on his own.