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1/24/2020 FOSTER UPDATE:  Kara has been a great addition to the household.  She has a very sweet and affectionate temperament and absolutely loves some cuddle time.  She is great with other dogs and loves pestering her foster sister.  Kara has also done very well with children – lots of kisses for the humans that stand nose to nose with her (within striking distance!)

Kara does have some puppy energy, and we are working on some of her house manners.  She is house trained, and she is starting to be more comfortable in her crate.   She has made a lot of progress in a short amount of time!  She has mastered “sit” and her next big test is learning to not jump to greet humans – she is always so excited to see you!  There is no doubt that she will learn so much more once she has some consistency in her training and routine.

1/20/20 FOSTER UPDATE: Kara is an amazing dog!  So affectionate!   She loves my dog,Champ, but I’m not sure that Champ loves sharing the attention. Kara got to meet my 16 month old niece and was AMAZING with her. She is truly great with both kids and dogs.