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2/6/2020 New Update: Chelsea is really coming into her own.  Her personality is starting to shine, and she is making so much progress!  She has mastered “sit” and has learned how to shake and lay down.  She is also navigating the hardwood floors like a pro – She has been a very fast learner!

She loves her toys – but also loves finding the squeaker and cotton inside of them (head slap).  The 3-legged llama is her favorite (what’s left of it).
Here is what I love about Chelly Belly…
  • Whole body leans and cuddles
  • Tail-wags and wiggles when I get home from work
  • Big hops through the house when she’s happy
  • Her smarts – she is quick to learn (as long as you have treats)

What I am learning to tolerate 🙂

  • Big sloppy kisses after she laps up water
  • General lack of personal space
  • Using me as her pillow
  • The stealing of my socks and my blanket
  • Nudges and paws away my cell phone/lap top
2/2/20 FOSTER UPDATE: Chelsea has been a great addition to our pack!  She has a very sweet temperament.  She is so affectionate and LOVES cuddling!  When she isn’t napping and watching Netflix with the humans, she likes hanging out in her crate (it’s her spot!)….And much to the dismay of her foster sister, she also loves hoarding all of the nylabones and toys and hiding them in her “room.”

She is house trained and amazingly efficient!  She knows exactly what to do when she gets outside (which makes her foster mom happy during colder weather).  She knows how to sit, and we will be spending time this week working on other basic commands.  We have been on a few short walks, and Chelsea is good on a leash….but is still getting used to walking on hardwood floors inside (so slippery)!

We love hosting Chelly Belly!

1/25/2020 VOLUNTEER UPDATE: Chelsea had a great day spending time with our volunteers today.  She is a very smart girl and eager to please.  She responds to the sit command and loves getting a chin rub. She still needs work on learning not to jump and leash manners.  This cutie is quite the water girl since she couldn’t resist splashing in every puddle on her walk.