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Lucky has spent a week in foster, and it’s amazing her progress.  She has evolved from being shy and timid to a happy, smiling girl!  Lots of big tail-wags!  She is much more comfortable with in her new surroundings and continues to show more of her personality each day.  Although she still has a way to go, I know that she will continue to thrive as she has more stability and a forever home!
We took a road trip this weekend to see some family…Lucky was a rockstar in the car (although she was a terrible navigator since she slept most of the ride).  We spent this weekend working on socialization and introducing her to new humans and dogs.  She absolutely thrived!  Although she was very nervous at first, she quickly became comfortable with her new environment.  She absolutely adored the kids (ages 9, 7, and 5), and they adored her as well.  She was great with the new adults too – She showed no fear and gave lots of cuddles!

Some of the basics and observations from the week….Lucky is good on a leash (when she wants to walk).  She does give you the “dog brakes” when she is nervous or protesting the late night potty break.  She hates hardwood floors and stairs but learning to cope.  She has made a lot of progress!  She is house-trained but has had a few accidents.  She is getting progressively better now that she has a routine. She is also very food motivated (but no signs of food aggression).  She inhales food, so I am now using a slow-feed dog bowl.  This is good news though – she is a skinny girl and needs to eat!  She has a great temperament, and I am seeing a bit more energy now that she is more comfortable at home.  She will have to continue to limit her activity with the heartworm treatment….but she just wants to play!

2/16/20 FOSTER UPDATE: Lady lucky charms magically delicious (Lucky) joined our “pack” this weekend.  She was a bit timid and apprehensive at first, but she is quickly warming up to her new surroundings.  She has the sweetest temperament and absolutely loves to be loved.  She is always seeking cuddles and attention, and she has been my shadow around the house….which drives her foster sister crazy.
Lucky loves watching TV – especially Star Wars – Chewbacca is her favorite character.   She also likes dogs and kids – She passed the toddler chase and ear pull test with flying colors.  As far as commands, she knows how to sit, and we will start working on a few other basic skills.  Lucky is also comfortable in her crate but prefers to sleep with the rest of the pack at night.

Lucky is working through a few health challenges, but she will make huge strides now that she has proper care.  She is just starting her treatment for heart-warm, so she must be restricted on her activity.  She is also fighting through some hip pain which causes some trouble navigating stairs.  The bright side to all of this – she loves to nap on the couch so the mandated rest plays to her favor!  Lucky is also bit underweight, but she loves food (who doesn’t!), so she will be back up to “code” in no time.