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4/25/20 FOSTER UPDATE: Coffee would be happiest with a canine companion since our dog has helped him move beyond his timid behavior and adapt to house rules.  He seems to have his own rules playing fetch since he retrieves but still has not learned to bring the item back. At least he is half-way there. He plays tug with our dog, Batman, is a voracious eater, loves bones and peanut butter, and his time outside. He still hesitates when we put on his collar and have been are still working on his leash manners.

It is rewarding to see his confidence build especially when we consider how his tail never wagged when we first brought him home. Now, he has found joy and his tail is in constant motion. His greatest attribute is he loves to cuddle and will snuggle right in. He also is excellent with our kids too. We seldom put him in a crate, but when we have the right treat does the job. Our family has enjoyed his company these few weeks and think he is really a special dog with a tender heart and a sweet soul.

UPDATE:  We just had to share an email from the vet staff we just received: Such a handsome guy!!! He is a southern gentleman!! He will go fast – I love him 🙂