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4/8/20 MARCO UPDATE: Marco is doing great . . .  feeling much better – gobbles his food, shows the playfulness of a puppy, and takes his puppy naps.

He is wonderful!  He is crate trained. He can’t yet make it through the night without going potty, but barks when he needs to go out.  Goes out, does his business, back into crate, and back to sleep.

He loves playing with his foster brother, and is learning to stay away from his grumpy, old foster sister  J

He loves to cuddle, and will sleep and snuggle on our lap as long as we let him.  But, will go in crate and sleep alone.

We love him so much, and he is such a good little guy, but his forever family is missing out on this very special time of his life.  Given the current situation with the virus, I’m not sure meeting with those interested in adopting him is possible.

He is such a joy, and he is helping us get through this crazy time.  We love having him as a foster and will be here for him until we can find a great forever family.

Every foster family has said the pups are just the sweetest and greatest little pups