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3/28/220 FOSTER UPDATE:  Please meet Zaylie, a 4 years old female rescue Lab from Tennessee we are currently fostering. We would love to keep her ourselves, but with our kids being older and us traveling a lot this is sadly not an option. She gets along awesome with everybody, dogs and people. She is a huge lover who wants to be around her family, house trained, and we hope to find a family that will not crate her. She has a lot of energy, is fascinated by shadows and smart (learned the boundaries of our invisible fence within a day).

Thank you for spreading the word and stay healthy!

                         Love, Zaylie

3/26/20 FOSTER UPDATE:  According to Zayley foster, she is doing AWESOME.  Another example of the wonderful benefit of becoming a foster!

VOLUNTEER UPDATE:  Zalie is a well-behaved little lady, and we were so impressed how wonderful she was at bath time.  She jumped right into the tub and sat quietly enjoying every moment.  She already knows to sit and shake, but so far she doesn’t appear to be too treat motivated.  With her good temperament, we believe she will be quite a pleaser with or without treat motivation.