Cooper is a 2 year old, 62lb yellow lab mix that is a new arrival to CLR.  He was surrendered by his owner because she could no longer care for him.  He required a major surgery to correct a congenital condition (hypospadias), and he was surrendered to rescue.  Due to the support of our generous donors, we were able to provide the $6,000 surgery and send Cooper on the road to recovery.  He is currently recovering in foster care

Cooper has the best personality!  He is great with other dogs, cats, and kids.  He is daycare tested and does amazing with the pack.  He is a very sweet boy!

Cooper is a smart and knows most of the basics as well!  Yay, Coopy!

We can’t wait to find him his forever home!



Volunteer update

Cooper is the absolute BESTEST boy!  He has a happy and playful personality and has quickly become the mayor of doggie daycare.  He has never met a stranger!  This boy would be the perfect addition to any family!

Meet Cooper, also affectionately known as Super Cooper!

Cooper lives up to his nickname by being a “super” dog.  He is sweet, affectionate, playful and an all round great dog!
He is house trained and knows basic commands.  Although, his playful personality does keep him easily distracted.
He is fun to play with, but also nice to curl up in the couch with.
Cooper is a great addition to any family, loving with young kids and older kids, and gets along great with other dogs in the house.

Cooper is recovering nicely. Despite all he has been through, he is so sweet! He loves people. He is very food motivated and gives us a bark or two when he needs to go outside. He is pretty restricted post-op, but he loves checking out the backyard and can’t wait until he is able to chase all the birds and squirrels he sees! He gets very excited when he sees other dogs.  He is such a playful boy!

He does well in a crate and sleeps there at night. We do have to use a treat to coax him, but he sleeps quietly.

He is such a great dog!

We wanted to update as Cooper is doing so well! The first three weeks he was with us, he was recovering from surgery and very restricted, so we didn’t get a good read on him.

This week, he is living life as he should be – romping around, going on walks and getting lots of love. He is the happiest boy. He is still working on his manners, but doing much better at counter surfing and getting on furniture. He has made some progress on leash walking, but still wants to greet every dog, human, and squirrel on our walks. We are teaching him “leave it”, “off”,  and “with me”, “down” and “stay”commands. He also knows to sit before he gets his meal.

Cooper will sleep in his dog bed in our room, but that doesn’t stop him from trying to climb into our bed – he just wants to snuggle so much. We have learned a few things with crating him while we are away – the most important being to not leave a dog bed in with him! He also is much more at ease with being crated in the main room (vs. a closed off bedroom) of the house where he can see out the windows, the tv, etc. We give him a frozen Kong stuffed with canned dog food and and that gives him something to keep him busy while we are gone.

He is 100% accident free in the house! He will notify us when he needs to go out by barking. Cooper does bark when he sees animals or people walk by outside, but we are working on keeping his excitement down. We haven’t had a chance to introduce him to any dogs due to his surgery restrictions, but he loves to smell and wag his tail and the dogs next door through the fence.

His favorite toys are Nylabones, food puzzles, balls, and his stuffed dog. He’s actually the first foster dog we’ve had who doesn’t “destuff” at the first opportunity.

We think Cooper would be happy as an only dog or with dog siblings – he’s not picky! He has not been exposed to cats or children. Based on his desire to catch a squirrel, we aren’t sure about cats, but he seems to be fine with kids, as we took him to the park and he seemed interested in the action at the playground.

Cooper is the best dog!

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