Say hello to Sadey, the resilient 4-year-old, 66lb yellow Lab, whose tail is ready to wag its way into your heart! Sadey’s journey began with a bit of heartache – after being a devoted mom to a litter of puppies, she found herself left behind by her owner.

Sadey has the best temperament.  She is a cuddle bug and loves human attention.  She has done well with small children and has never met a stranger.  Sadey does seem to be a bit nervous around other dogs so we believe that she might be more comfortable as an only dog.

As for training, she seems to know all of the basics and has great house manners!  Sadey has a playful side and loves to chew on bones.  She would love to have a yard where she can play, explore, and soak up the sun.

Sadey is seeking a loving home and a family to call her own.



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