Cozy Rosey and B.B. were surrendered to CLR by their breeder because the breeder was no longer able to care for for them.  Cozy Rosey and B.B have lived their entire life together and because of this and their strong bond with one another, CLR would like to have them adopted together.  They were able to be in the breeder’s house and was reported as not having any accidents.

Cozy Rosey is a gorgeous 4.5 year old, 91 lb. purebred lab.  She is very friendly, walks good on leash, enjoys treats and likes to give hugs and kisses.  Rosey loves people very much that she tends to jump on them to show her affection but is easily corrected to get down.  Cozy Rosey is heartworm positive, and CLR will be responsible for his treatment. Please make sure you keep up with HW prevention.

B.B., is a handsome, 5 yr. old, 59 lb. purebred hunk of chocolate.  He is very sweet but a little shy.  He is good on the leash and does not jump. B.B. loves being with his sister, Cozey Rosey and gets great comfort being with her.

Come meet this adorable, lab duo as you will get a lot of love, gentleness and intelligence from this doggy package.



B.B. is sweet, beautiful boy who is not high energy, but does enjoy going on a walk.  He behaves well on a leash.  B.B. is shy, docile and gentle once he has some familiarity with his surroundings as he has some trust issues with people when first meeting them. By giving him love, time and attention, B.B has shown growing interest in mingling with our dogs and us.  He will allow us to lay down with him and cuddle, and makes no attempt to move away. He does not like being crated but has entered on his own on occasion. We have allowed him to have limited access to the main house while we’re gone, and he does very well with space, no accidents or destruction.

B.B. needs a family or a person who will shower him with love to further trust he has learned and in return will give you lots of snuggles and loving companionship.


Cozy Rosey is a doll baby with a lot of love to share with dogs and people.  She enjoys her walks and  loves to be shown attention.  While you are petting her, she has a smile on her face and will intently look into your eyes as if she is saying thank you.  Cozy Rosey does well with other dog when in their company and on walks.  She respects their space, is confident and happy when approached by a dog and seems to trust those she has not met.  She demands little but is so willing to give so much to her companion.



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