Votto is a 1 yr. old, 55 lb. very friendly, playful boy to everyone he meets.  He absolutely loves other dogs and enjoys playing and giving them paws.  Votto is very eager to learn new things and please his companion.  Come meet this cute, happy, tail wagging young boy!



We have been fostering Votto for almost two weeks. He is a big sweetheart! He really loves to be around people and other dogs. He is gentle with us, every now and then he jumps on us or the counters, but he listens when we tell him to get down. He is a dream on the leash. We try to walk him a few miles a day, but with the heat and storms recently, he didn’t always get a walk and he was fine (not bouncing off the walls). He had a few accidents the first few days, but is now learning to let us know when he needs to go out. For the most part, he sticks to his chew toys, but we have caught him with things like shoes, etc., so we have to be careful with what we leave out.

We don’t allow him on our living room furniture, but he does like to snuggle up with us on the outdoor furniture. He sleeps in his dog bed in our bedroom. Sometimes he jumps on the bed for a snuggle but gets off when we tell him. He’s not a big barker but will occasionally bark when he sees someone in the yard.

He will go in his crate to eat, chew toys, etc. fine, but doesn’t like to be put in and left alone. He seems to be making some progress with this, but he is still working on being comfortable alone and in a crate.

He is really a big adorable sweetheart and we’ve enjoyed having him here.


Votto is continuing to settle in nicely. He is very good with other dogs and people.

He is getting the hang of house training and his accidents are few and far between now. He’s still doing great on the leash and his favorite activities are going on walks and playing ball in the backyard. He is learning the commands “sit”, “stay” and “down.” He knows to sit and wait when we feed him and before we head out the door on walks.

He does have some separation/confinement anxiety, and he likes it best when he is with his humans.  He is going to do best in a family that spends a lot of time at home with him or has the ability to take him with them.


Votto is such a smart learner.  He is making progress on Votto’s  on being crate trained.   We have been able to leave him in the crate for a short period of time and have found him in there (going in on his own) chewing on toys a few times. We also feed him in his crate.  Also, he letting us know when he needs to go outside. He has had a playdate with another dog and absolutely loves romping around with her.


We started to foster Votto Thursday evening.  Votto is a very sweet, happy and cuddly boy. Votto enjoys toys, especially the Kong.  He loves humans and other dogs.  We took him to MadTree Brewery and was social with all the dogs/people and well behaved.  He is awesome on the leash.  He walks several miles a day with us and enjoys every minute of it.  Today, he didn’t even need to have the pinch collar on his walks.  He enjoys sleeping at the foot of our bed or on a dog bed in our bedroom at nighttime.  Currently, working on housetraining and transitioning him to a crate while we are not home.

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