Votto is a 1 yr. old, 55 lb. very friendly, playful boy to everyone he meets.  He absolutely loves other dogs and enjoys playing and giving them paws.  Votto is very eager to learn new things and please his companion.  Votto is housetrained, good on the leash and knows several commands.  He is not very comfortable in a crate and would do best with a family with another dog to keep him company when left alone.  Come meet this cute, happy, tail wagging young boy!



Votto has been such a good boy who is super smart and affectionate.  He knows the commands of sit, lay down, come.  He is a super snuggler and just a great companion giving lots of kisses.  With training, I think he would be a fantastic emotional support dog as he is rather calm after he gets to meet you initially.  As most dogs do, he will bark when dogs or people  walk by house.  He is great with our dog and enjoys playing.  Votto can be a little excited on leash initially so he could use some leash training.  Come meet this snuggly, affectionate boy as he is patiently waiting for his forever companion who can keep him company and play.


Votto is a very loving dog who does not like to be left alone.  He is a great companion both at home, out in public with other dogs/people, and in the car.  I feed him in the crate but he does not like to be left alone in it.  Votto would do great with another dog companion or with a family/person who can dedicate a lot of time with him as he desires companionship.


Votto is a good-natured Lab/American Bulldog mix. He comes with the energy of a young Lab and the slobber/drool of an American Bulldog (haha!). He was absolutely great with our family and quickly became loved by all three of our children. He is very affectionate and loves attention. He is good with our children and he always seemed fine with tight hugs and close talking from the kids.

He is a smart dog and knows a number of commands. He is great on a leash and loved our walks.  We would walk him at least two times each day; sometimes three. He would ‘sit’ before he was allowed to eat or to go outside. He is housetrained and overall has good house manners…..aside from a few run-ins with the trash can. We learned our lesson and “Votto-proofed” the garbage though.

He would do best in family that either has another dog or is home a lot. Votto is a pack animal and loves to be around his people.

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