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1/10/22 FOSTER UPDATE:  Daren/Max is adjusting really well – he’s SUCH a sweet, mellow guy. He’s the perfect combination of fun and energetic outside and calm and sweet in the house – and housebroken (he had only 2 accidents in the house, but they were my fault, I didn’t realize he was asking to go out.) He he’s smart and quickly learning to trust. He’s a real unicorn and close to being categorized as PERFECT!

Max continues to work on his leash walks and making definite progress. We do believe he is most comfortable using a harness. He doesn’t even mind when my boys decide to share his crate! I leave the door open all day and that’s where he chooses to spend most of his time inside. He keeps it clean and likes to bring toys in there with him.  He gets very excited around food and as a puppy still needs to learn some manners, such as being gentler taking treats, yet it is all doable since he has such a great temperament and wants to be the very best pup. We absolutely adore Max and he truly is a very sweet and special boy!

1/4/22 FOSTER UPDATE: He’s doing well here – he’s coming out of his shell and really likes attention. Doorways still pose a bit of a problem sometimes but if you’re patient he will eventually walk through. He’s really sweet and wants to be cuddled but satisfied if you just scratch him for a bit too. He will occasionally chew on a toy but is not at all destructive. He likes balls but doesn’t bring them back yet (great hunting dog training he got!)

He seems to be housebroken, no accidents so far.
Two things an adopter must have (aside from patience) is a crate and a fenced yard.  His crate is his safe place and still where he chooses to lay. Door is open all day. Yesterday we took him to Lisa’s fenced yard, and he had a great time running around with the zoomies- hard to do on a leash. He’s very strong on a leash – a prong collar would probably help but I don’t have one small enough right now. But I don’t want to freak him out either.

He would like – but doesn’t need- another dog. It really increases his confidence when he’s following what they are doing. He likes to play and chase -unfortunately, my guys and Lisa’s Murphy are pretty old and don’t play much. I think he would do best with someone who is not a first-time dog owner.