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9/16/2021 FOSTER UPDATE: Frisky has been in foster for less than 2 weeks, but has already fallen into a good routine. He is very smart and knows when food and walk time typically occur and also asks to be let outside.  Frisky is no longer using a crate and had no behavioral issues.  He is an extremely laid back guy who loves to be around his people. His fun loving personality and social ability continue to show the longer he is here. He is great with other dogs and kids of all ages.

9/8/2021 FOSTER UPDATE: Frisky is a great dog! He truly has a Lab personality. Frisky loves playing with his Lab foster brother and his humans…he’s very good at fetch! He is crate trained and knows basic commands (Sit and Shake).  He does well with children of all ages. We’re loving our house guest but know that Frisky is ready for his forever home!

8/27/2021 VOLUNTEER UPDATE: Frisky did very well when I took him out for a walk!  He was so sweet and walked well on the leash.  While he was enjoying all of the sounds and new smells, he did tend to weave a bit, but was easily corrected.  We practiced sit and also had a chance to see how he interacts with other dogs.  Frisky has no issues with other dogs, but he’s much more interested in his people!

As we were walking, Frisky spotted one of the kennel staff.  He stopped and waited for her to walk with us, and he had a smile from ear to ear!  Frisky is a sweet, gentle soul who will make a wonderful companion.  And he is just so handsome, too!